Brightpath Daycare

Child’s Play.

Residential elevator retrofit.

Project: Brightpath

Cost: $225,000

Size: 560 sq. m.

Status: Completed 2013

Colaborator: Paul Ransom Engineering, Millennium Engineering Inc.

Builder: Jancon Construction Ltd.

Client: Brightpath Early Learning & Childcare.

This interior renovation consisted of repurposing an existing under-utilized storage room within the existing daycare in Burlington, Ontario, into to new open classrooms for toddlers and preschoolers. All the renovations took place while not disrupting the ongoing operations. Life safety measures were considered thoroughly to ensure that children and care givers would not be affected by the renovations.

Brightpath maintains corporate wide standards that are used in the design and construction of each of their daycares. The design architect worked to accommodate these standards into the renovation, in particular pertaining to security.

The design Team used BIM software in order to show the daycare management team the final room arrangement in consideration of sight-lines for child monitoring. Using this design approach assisted the client in making informed design consideration choices in a forum that they could visualize in 3D. The design process included several such workshops prior to commencing the Contract Document phase.