Westcreek Corporate Campus

Environmentalism on the Escarpment

Schematic design proposal for a sustainable office environment.

Project: Westcreek

Cost: $5.0M (est)

Size: 2080 sq. m

Status: Schematic Design.

Builder: Maple Reinders.

Colaborator: Colliers International.

Client: Westcreek

The design for this office building in Burlington was designed to LEED Platinum standards. To reduce churn, a full access flooring system was included. Triple glazed, high performance glass with a frit pattern was used on all exterior windows. Fenestration varies on the different sides of the building, with some windows having brise soleils. A green roofing system was added to the roof of the building. In order to allow this to happen all mechanical systems were moved to the basement level.